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Life is short, do the things you love

Ryan Kirkpatrick always has his camera with him, spends lots of time outdoors, shares his passions with others, and smiles often.

(Click HERE to read Ryan's recent cover and publication feature in Around the Oval - Colorado State University)

Ryan is the Director of Operations for the non-profit organization Mountains and Plains Institute for Lifelong Learning and Service.  Ryan helps oversee the 70+ programs operating each year and has guided hundreds of photography, skiing, hiking, bicycling, bird watching, and intergenerational programs from the mountains and deserts of the western USA to the parks and peaks of Africa.            

Ryan is not currently taking any new clients, but if you are interested in a print or if there is anything else we can help with, please let us know:      info@kirkpatrickgraphics.com.  Follow the musical adventures of Ryan and friends at www.The14ersMusic.com and sign up to be part of the Stars Above The Peaks!

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